*Atlas NOODDOOD Painting
*Atlas NOODDOOD Painting

*Atlas NOODDOOD Painting

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Original NOODDOOD by Cale LeRoy

The piece is hand hand painting on an 18x24 canvas that's 1.5 inches thick. The dotwork is done in black and the lines are a shiny gold.
Completed in 2023.

My newest painting is a representation of how our decisions can impact our lives and those around us, with a particular focus on the complexities of gay relationships. In the center of the canvas, there are three men's faces that are almost kissing, with men on either side of the middle one. It's a really intimate and tense moment that draws you in, and the fact that the men are all male adds a layer of complexity and significance to the piece.

The rest of the canvas is covered in a golden topography map that symbolizes the choices we make in life. It reminds me that every decision we make can lead us to different places and outcomes. The golden color gives the piece an almost sacred feel, emphasizing how important our choices really are.

The painting is all about decisions, but it focuses on how our decisions impact our experiences as members of the gay community. I hope that the painting inspires viewers to think about the challenges and opportunities that come with relationships and to reflect on how our choices can impact our lives and the lives of those around us.

Overall, I'm really proud of this painting and what it represents.

Signature "Cale" will be added to the art before sending in the lower right area near the artwork unless otherwise specified by the buyer. (I don't upload images with signature to prevent people stealing it)

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